The Rest of the Story

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Oh the rest they must have got Since Jesus‘ body wouldn’t rot, Would never die, but only live This meant the Father does forgive! That all He taught and all He said Was proved when Christ rose from the dead … Continued

Resurrection Sunday 2018

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What more shall I say,  Christ arose before day, His new life has conquered my old! What more shall I say, death’s been beaten away! Christ is RISEN! just as he foretold! By his life I see life, By his … Continued

Palm Sunday 2018

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Not because the donkey was strongest or best It wasn’t yet a white steed, to tower over the rest Not because you’d do what everyone asked No, you’re king and you’ll take your own counsel at last. Jesus, you entered … Continued

Helping Moths

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As I was driving home the other night, I saw something that looked like a bat flopping around on the road in front of me on a quiet street.  As I pulled over, I got out to find a very … Continued

Thoughts On Freedom

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I’ve had a couple moments in the past week where I’ve gone from reading /posting about atrocities in Iraq to laughing about a silly video – all within moments. At first, I had to resist the urge to think this … Continued

Step Into the Epic

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It’s one of my favorite points in a movie, book or just any gripping story.  The tension is high, there’s smoke in the air, wounded friends and tragedy are all around; there’s a terrible choice to be made.  In movies, … Continued

For the Watchmen

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Here’s to the soldiers, whose Christmas ain’t white. To the man and the woman who watch through the night. Your family won’t see you or feel your embrace; Your dog won’t wake you with licks in the face. While we … Continued

Shimai’s Hope

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“Sure Shimai, you ‘heard it from the Lord,’ whatever you say, old friend.  Let’s just finish cleaning off this altar.  I wish you’d just focus on doing what we know we need to do; our duties!  Why should we ever … Continued


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You had your “Quiet Time” today?  Have you spent time “In the Word?”  Done any “Bible Study” today before bed?  “I hope you read your “Chapter of the Day!” Ugg. This idea has been turning in my gut for the … Continued