Book Review: The Bard and the Bible (Hostetler)

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This unique devotional does exactly what you’d expect, but more. The author is trusted for his wit, humor and keen insights into the human heart and life. This recent work doesn’t disappoint. Hostetler demonstrates the enduring connection between Shakespeare and the King James Bible; but he also weaves in creativity and probing questions that make this a book that is designed for intellect and spiritual growth. History, literature, faithfulness and Christ are on display in this devotional; and they all come in a package that is accessible and interesting. I didn’t expect to find Shakespeare on the road to spiritual maturity, but the author proved that my expectations were too low. This is not a Bible study; nor is it a lecture on Shakespeare. Rather, it is a collection of thoughts that may righteously unsettle you all day long. I’ve enjoyed reading The Bard and the Bible and I trust that many others will as well.