Book Review: The Red Letter Life (Bob Hostetler)

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Red Letter Life is going to be one of those books that serve some as a ready primer to the Christian Faith. Others will read and reread it throughout their lives as a go-to book for encouragement, teaching or reminder of what Jesus is all about.

Bob Hostetler’s easy style is rich and encouraging and readable without ever feeling like he’s insulting the reader. There’s depth to challenge the aggressive reader and simplicity to make this a coffee table book or gift for others.

Red Letter Life introduces readers to Christianity, but it may not be the “Jesus” many think they know. We learn that while the way to God is open to everyone, it is not a way that is easy for anyone. It was costly to Jesus and is often costly to genuine followers but Bob shows that the cost of following Jesus is more than worth it considering the benefits that come from knowing Christ.

I like these lines: “If your heart is hurting, come [to Jesus]. If your soul feels like it is shrinking, come. If your strength is depleted, come.” This is not Christianity “lite,” and it is not highfalutin’ religiosity. This is Jesus on display and it’s worth your time to read it.