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(Originally posted 4/23/2009)

Apparently, the decision has been made to allow 17 year-olds the ability to buy morning-after pills over the counter. By themselves. Alone.

Say what?!

According to some, this represents good science. “Good science,” I wonder; what does that mean? Well, likely, this means that it is experimentally justifiable to move ahead. What does that mean? Experimentally justifiable often means that there are enough successes to warrant the decision. The FDA made that decision. What’s at stake?

Unintentional abortion? Blood clots? Hormone rejections? Potential cancer? Well, apparently, the answer is…all of the above. Each of those consequences has been listed as a potential “side effect” of taking this drug, which “has potency four times greater than that of the estrogen used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).” Wow, are the percentages really in favor of this decision? Supporters point out the claim that the pill does not interfere with an existing pregnancy, but temporarily stops future ovulation and fertilization. Interesting.

These are some pretty weighty decisions for kids to be making alone, in the company of peers, with a nervous boy/girlfriend, etc.. Actually, if I understand it right, kids who cannot legally obtain a firearm, vote, marry or watch certain movies or drink alcohol alone – these same kids can now buy hormones that could ruin their lives and will almost certainly ruin the girl’s day (apparently, routine symptoms include nausea and abdominal pain). I wonder if there will be any special crime status assigned to someone who decides to slip their friend one of *these* pills? This is scary stuff.

Are you involved? Are you aware? Or, are you comfortable and ignorant (as I have been many times), while major decisions are made regarding the health of your family, your neighbors, the rich, the poor, the needy, the widow and the orphan.

I don’t know the solution for these issues. I do know that I care too much about my kids to do nothing. I know teens, and parents. There are parents, teens and future babies with no voice or no access to information…these need us to do something and say something. This is not the only issue right now. Still, it is an important one. Life is at stake. Get educated. Get busy praying. Get up!,0,204013.story