Resurrection Sunday 2018

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What more shall I say, 

Christ arose before day,

His new life has conquered my old!

What more shall I say, death’s been beaten away!

Christ is RISEN! just as he foretold!

By his life I see life,

By his death I will live,

Eternal life he’s given, with bliss!

Though this life will get old,

Christ has vanquished all foes!

No one else could be victor like this!

My Savior, my King, your great name we will sing

With the angels who worship unceasing

Your Gospel delights me, Resurrection ignites me,

May your life in me be only increasing.

We sing and we speak for what you’ve done

You lived, died and rose perfectly.

Please fill us and send us, Father Spirit and Son,

May our lives be sown faithfully.