Palm Sunday 2018

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Not because the donkey was strongest or best

It wasn’t yet a white steed, to tower over the rest

Not because you’d do what everyone asked

No, you’re king and you’ll take your own counsel at last.

Jesus, you entered plainly, misunderstood and maligned.

You were thought to be a general, but you were humble, Divine.

People still are misguided in our longings and thoughts

Have mercy upon us, thinking you “should” and you “ought.”

King of Kings, Lord of Lords; you are God and you reign.

May we be ready for your coming again.

In that day you won’t be confused as mere doctor or miracle man

You won’t be sought by those who just want to take what they can

When you return you will silence all opposition and doubt

Your enemies will be put to flight and your foes will be cast out.

For now, though, Lord. May we trust in you well.

May your people reflect you.  Let us show and tell

Of your greatness, severity, power, kindness and grace

Let us testify of your goodness so more can embrace

You, our King.