I Wonder

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(Originally posted 4/24/2014)

The wonder of God is one of the things that keeps me worshipping, and therefore following, Jesus Christ. His character is loving, gracious and faithful and his power is vast. Such a Person is worthy of worship and yet many times, I get distracted. Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of my musings on the character of God in each book of the Bible. My aim is to stimulate worship in my own heart and the hearts of anyone who reads. God’s people are certainly an advertisement for God’s goodness, but His character, on display through the Scriptures, is a better one. If you choose to read, I hope to draw your heart and life to praise The Lord. He is good and wonder of Him will not fail to be fruitful for life and joy and faith.

Genesis: God, the king over all that is, created a world so stunning that it inspires believers and unbelievers to paint it with words, oils acrylics and ink, sing of it and explore it for the sheer joy of its beauty and majesty. Not only does the Creation inspire love and awe, but God created people with our complexity, strength and frailty. We are so wonderfully made that even those who hate God marvel at the human body, mind and soul. So delightful has he made us that our form distracts us with it’s beauty. The human brain amazes us with its abilities and adaptability. The human soul appears so strong that even this creation tempts many to worship it instead of the grand Creator who made it. God has done all these things and made them “good” and “very good” and they point to our even better, more wonderful, wonder-inducing Creator. Rejoice! God the King shows His own beauty through what He has created!