Good Friday 2014

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(Originally posted 4/18/2014)

I woke up on a mattress, firm, did You even sleep at all?
I have plans to complete today, you knew you’d overturn the Fall
Of Man. And by men’s hands you’d bleed – how injustice seemed to reign
While you brought righteousness to the throne, and endured such scorn and pain.
Where would I have stood that day? Peter showed it best.
Apart from your Holy Spirit’s strength, I’d abandon you like the rest.
But You, you holy, perfect man, you counted and paid the cost!
You took the burden of our debt and gave yourself to save the lost.

Not just emotions and betrayal pain, not just loneliness or heart sacrifice,
You gave your body fully there, when “complete ruin” was the price.

Pushed and shoved by soldier mobs would be harsh and undo most.
But then you were welcomed with whips and rods, by your corrupted, royal host.

“Tell us who struck you!” the cruel men cried. But little did they comprehend,
That you knew them, each one, intimately, and their means brought about God’s ends.

You carried the weight of the wood, of the Cross. You bore a burden that we earned.
You took the cold of The Father’s rejection, for our welcome you were spurned.

How you’ve loved us, Savior, King, through suffering and wrongful death.
You gave your all in heart and flesh, and in mercy, spent your last breath.
I remember you today with thanks, and praise. With this poem, lift you high.
For Your wholly-offered sacrifice redeemed a sinner such as I.