Good Friday 2014

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(Originally posted 4/18/2014) I woke up on a mattress, firm, did You even sleep at all? I have plans to complete today, you knew you’d overturn the Fall Of Man. And by men’s hands you’d bleed – how injustice seemed … Continued

I Wonder

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(Originally posted 4/24/2014) The wonder of God is one of the things that keeps me worshipping, and therefore following, Jesus Christ. His character is loving, gracious and faithful and his power is vast. Such a Person is worthy of worship … Continued

And a Pinch of Salt

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(Originally posted 7/2/2014)   I made granola the other day.  While reading the recipe, the directions called for salt.  On first glance, it seems kind of horrible.  Who wants salty granola after all?  But – having learned this lesson years … Continued

You’re Fasting from What?!

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(Originally posted 9/8/2014) A dear friend from our church asked about what other types of fasting there are beyond food fasts.  This was my response.  I thought it might benefit others of us as well. – Pastor Darryl ———– Hi … Continued

A Glorious Descent

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(Originally posted 3/16/2015) We were taught that the earth’s gravity would cause two objects of different weight to fall at the same speed in the presence of a vacuum.  For non-science students, it seems like nonsense and magic talk.  For … Continued

Would a New (and Revised) Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up?

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(Originally posted 3/1/2016) This was Germany: discouraged, economically struggling, beaten down and rudderless. It is into this leadership vacuum that a polarizing man named Adolf was ushered. How different is our country now from the Germany into which Hitler swept … Continued

Go Big and Go Home; Just Go

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(Originally posted 3/12/2016) This morning, I read about a shooting that just happened. Five people lost their lives unexpectedly. They woke up one day and didn’t go to sleep that night. The shooter woke up that morning and ended the … Continued


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Likes to put himself first Likes to put himself first? What kind of God-fearing man likes to put himself first? how… – when you look at the fierce love of Christ How – when you consider the great sacrifice HOW … Continued

Resurrection Sunday 2018

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What more shall I say,  Christ arose before day, His new life has conquered my old! What more shall I say, death’s been beaten away! Christ is RISEN! just as he foretold! By his life I see life, By his … Continued